Salisbury (Sarum) Probus Club

Sarum Probus Club is an organisation for retired men living in the Salisbury Area.


  • Boys' Brigade

    On 14th August on "Zoom", Peter Davenport gave a presentation on the Boys’ Brigade, full of fascinating details about its history and Peter’s role in it. William Smith started the Brigade in 1854 in Glasgow to give some focus to the lives of boys he met in Sunday School there. Brigades were linked to local churches and Church attendance was a requisite of membership. Boys dressed in a uniform and parades and Bible Study were integral parts of the weekly programme. The number of Companies grew and within 30 years they were found throughout the United Kingdom and in many parts of the Empire.

    When William Smith died in 1914, the streets of Glasgow were lined with more than 2000 people, such had been his impact on the city. The Church of England was lukewarm in its response as the majority of Companies were attached to Non Conformist Churches, especially the Methodists. Peter himself became linked with a Brigade in West Andover which was unusually attached to St Michael’s, an Anglican Church. He worked with them for many years and told of much fun in old tyme musicals, camps and shows. Thank you Peter for giving us your presentation on "Zoom", a medium all of us are new to.

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