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Membership shall be open to those who have fully or partly retired from their normal profession or business. Prospective members are welcome to attend a meeting and introduce themselves to the officers to that they may be proposed for membership.

The membership shall be restricted to a total of 75 members except for members of other Probus Clubs who have moved to the Salisbury area.



The officers of the Club shall be a President (elected for one year only), Vice President, Secretary. Treasurer, Programme Secretary, Assistant Programme Secretary and Social  Secretary. The management of the club shall be the responsibility of a committee comprising the officers and the immediate past president.

Each officer shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and should not serve continuously in one post for more than three years. The Vice President shall become President when the presidency becomes vacant.

A quorum of the committee shall be three officers, one of whom shall be either the President or Secretary, and the committee shall have power to co-opt and appoint sub-committees.

The Club shall meet on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each calendar month. The Annual General Meeting shall be on the second meeting in October. The accounts for the period to the end of September each year shall be presented after audit by a,member of the Club appointed at the previous A.G.M.

The Constitution


Apologies for absence and notice of guests to be brought to the Club meeting should be passed to the secretary.

The subscription shall be as determined at the A.G.M. and shall be £15 per quarter, payable by quarterly Standing Order or by a single cheque.